Kimbo Coffee Machines

At Master Grill we distribute Kimbo Coffee, a traditional Italian coffee from Naples.  Whether for your café, restaurant, hotel, office or pub, Kimbo allows you to offer quality coffee for your customers, at the right price.


The Kimbo story begins over 50 years ago, when three brothers started roasting coffee in their fathers bakery in Naples.  In a city where practically everyone cultivates and hands down the art of coffee, the talent and intuition of some stand out. This is the case of Francesco, Gerardo, and Elio Rubino who founded the company.

They did not start out as industrialists, but the popularity of their espresso was soon extended beyond their neighbourhood and there were those who came from far and wide to drink it.  Their fame increased slowly, like sipping a cup of good coffee, and they got new ideas, such as bringing the pleasure of Neapolitan coffee to bars and homes all over the world.

Now, in the UK, Master Grill are proud to offer Kimbo’s extra cream blend; a strong, dependable coffee thatisalways wonderfully received by UK customers.  This Robusta and Arabica blend of beans from Brazil, Central America and Asia has a medium roast profile, full body and hits the sweet-point of sweetness / acidity.  The espresso produces a superb, thick crema and punches above its weight through milk, excelling in lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites.

We provide full barista training, technical support and expert advice.  All of our point of sale items, including crockery, sugar holders and signage are available free of charge.

Our wide selection of espresso machines means that we have the solution for any volume. Kimbo coffee can also be bought preground and in capsules and pods for a simple-to-use option.

We also stock teas, hot chocolate and coffee syrups so you can offer a full choice of hot beverages to your customers.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help revolutionise your coffee sales.