Front of House Catering Equipment

At Master Grill we supply an extensive range of 'front of house' catering products.

Master Grill stock a wide range of 'front of house' catering supplies for your business or organisation. We maintain one of the largest front of house ranges to be found anywhere in the United Kingdom and supply pubs, cafés, restaurants and chippies from Skegness to Southampton.

High quality front of house catering equipment

buffet     food-baskets     cake-and-cheese     candles         tea-and-coffee     condiments

Buffet & Counter Service               Baskets                          Cake & Cheese                 Candles & Holders               Tea & Coffee                    Condiments & Dips     

     Cutlery     glassestable-cloth     menus      Plates     Napkins

 Cutlery                                Glassware                         Tablecloths                            Menus                                  Plates                               Napkins


Making your customers happy

We understand the importance of ‘front of house’ in maintaining customer satisfaction. For this reason we source only the finest quality front of house catering equipment to suit all budgets. This is something your patrons will surely appreciate! Whether you are a local Chinese restaurant or an acclaimed wedding venue you can be assured Master Grill maintains front of house stock to suits your needs.

Brands we supply

We supply top brands including, but not limited to:

arcoroc    matfer-bourget    churchill    lincat    oneida    parry    riedel    robot-coupe    steelite

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